Help African American families benefit from sustainable forestry

SFLR capitalizes on innovative partnerships between supporters like you and local, state, and federal organizations to assist Black family landowners. The network provides a variety of support to these Black landowners, including access to legal assistance and opportunities to benefit from sustainable forestry.

Sustainable forestry offers an opportunity to keep forests as forests while generating sustainable income. The estimated $14 billion value of African American-owned rural land is an important source of rural wealth that plays a valuable role in the economic sustainability of individual families and rural communities in the U.S. South.

Help SFLR rise to the challenge

African Americans have faced challenges linked to smaller land holdings as land is passed between generations. Understanding heirs’ property or “tangled title” is critical to working with underserved communities. These forests may also risk becoming an estate tax liability, rather than an asset.

Consider providing financial support to the SFLR network and be part of a new, positive story about African American family forest owners. Together, we can collaborate with African American families to write the next chapter for these landowners as they build their family legacies. Your contribution will help support legal assistance, sustainable forestry guidance, network communications, and ultimately justice for Black landowners in the U.S. South.

Contact us to learn how your organization can make a difference

We are committed to collaborating with African American family forest owners to build better lives for themselves and their communities. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to build a brighter future across the Southeast.