What Others Are Saying

Find out what others are saying about the SFLR network and the difference we are making in the rural U.S. South when it comes to African American landowners and sustainable forestry.

“The SFLR network and its leaders embody innovation, creativity, and results. They have forged relationships, developed trust, found solutions, and broken down barriers, all with the goal to create wealth for African American landowners. SFLR has been and will continue to be successful thanks to the leaders’ vision, passion, and tenacity, and our committed landowner network.”

ALICIA CRAMER, Senior Vice President U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities

“SFLR has set a new standard of conducting outreach, programs, and resource delivery to African American forestland owners in the Southeast. In all the states where the program is implemented, landowners involved in the program are getting better access to services, resources, and other opportunities such as forest management planning, forestry practices, financial resources, markets, estate planning, and heir’s property resolution support.”

AMADOU DIOP, Outreach Liaison, State & Private Forestry, US Forest Service, Southern Regional Office

“The program will bring African American families together to solve two perplexing problems – wealth creation and land retention. For me, it’s about the future of the Lacey family, our property, and our grandchildren.”


“SFLR is the most effective example of collective impact that I have come across in my 30-year community development career – it is a grassroots/grass tops effort in its purest form.  At the core of its design and commitments is working with Black-led organizations and leaders who are known, trusted, and respected in the communities they serve and with state and federal partners to ensure the successful delivery of forestry technical assistance and resources.  All of this translates into success for Black landowners.”

DANYELLE O'HARA, Managing Consultant and Director, SFLR Program, 2012-2019